Direct Connection Systems is a consulting firm based in Southern California that specializes in unique IT solutions for organizations of all sizes. Our services cover the full spectrum of the software development process from initial design through development, implementation, training, and support. We can take a project from concept to completion, or you can use our services to supplement your existing resources. Flexibility and cost-effectiveness are among the many advantages you experience with Direct Connection Systems.

We have developed systems which span the business spectrum, including accounting and auditing, sales order processing, scheduling and resource allocation, real estate & property management, and many others. And we've worked in the following industries: automotive, utilities, financial, scientific, entertainment, and real estate.

Direct Connection capitalizes on standards-based agile development practices to shorten development cycles and deliver systems that are reliable, useful, and maintainable, thus enhancing your return on investment. We have real-world experience with the following technologies: MySQL, Ruby on Rails, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Delphi, and MS Office automation. We take pride in creating innovative solutions for your business needs.