Summary of Interesting Projects

Web-based Contributors Form - Ruby on Rails/MySQL - American Institute of Physics
Web based data entry portal for Surface Science Spectra, an international scientific journal. System provides complete lifecycle management for scientific submissions. It allows users worldwide to enter experimental results for publication, reviewers to perform peer reviews of submissions, and administrators to manage the publication process.

Event Management Registration System - Corporate Diversions, LLC.
Web based event registration system which allows users to self-register for special events. Includes a portal which connected users with multiple web services such as airline and hotel reservations. System reports statistics about event attendees including head count, meal preferences, travel arrangements, etc.

Automotive Service Resource Scheduling System - Delphi/MS SQL Server - NCompass LLC.
Windows based application suite used by the service departments of automotive dealers to schedule vehicle repairs, facilities, & technicians. The system delivered extensive custom reporting capabilities which allowed management to extract detailed information about business operations discover and correct wasteful practices.

Dictionary of Psychological Concepts - Delphi/Advantage/Paradox
Windows based application that implements an electronic dictionary containing psychological terms and concepts. The dictionary contains over 100,000 terms and presents search results and images in hierarchical format. System includes extensive data transfer & translation to move information from native format to production database.

REO Property Management System - Delphi/MS SQL Server - NCompass LLC.
Windows and web based data management system which tracks inventory of REO properties and manages their status as they are re-habilitated and re-marketed. System included use of bar codes and a web portal to allow external users to browse properties.

Power Browser - ASP/Delphi/Oracle - Southern California Edison
Web based data acquisition system which analyzes real-time pricing data from dozens of power transmission providers. This system was developed during the period of utility de-regulation in the late 90s as part of an effort to move electricity to where it was needed on a near real-time basis.

Warranty Claim Audit System - MS Access/MS SQL Server - Nissan of America Inc
This system was developed to perform audits of automotive warranty claims by in-the-field auditors. It applied advanced statistical modeling to warranty claim data in an effort to detect & prosecute fraudulent warranty repair claims. System reduced the average time to perform such audits from 2 weeks down to 3-5 days.

Year 2000 Transition Team - Disneyland
As a lead member of the Year 2000 Transition Team we were tasked with cataloging, inventorying, analyzing, and testing system with a potential year 2000 fault. This was a very interesting assignment where we were involved with all aspects of park operations and business unit operations. Our work resulted in an un-eventful and safe transition into the 21st century for Disneyland.

Application Resource Scheduling System - ASP/Delphi/MS SQL Server - Disney
This application was tracked the current status, availability, & scheduled downtime for mission critical applications. It is a tool used by system administrators to manage information systems for all business units. It included calendaring functions to allow administrators to schedule maintenance & repair of business-critical systems in a 24 x 7 business environment.